Cartoon Theme Songs of the 1980s

Below are the titles of each cartoon which are links to a picture or two for representation and a link to download the corresponding theme song, along with information and whatnot about the cartoon. Any copyrights on the contents of this page if ever, though highly unlikely, are to be brought into question then I will remove the unlawful content and maintain the best page possible.

The following is off of the SoundAmerica site:

"For those folks who run Windows NT or Windows 95 and are feeling particularly adventurous, Microsoft has released the new beta version of their Media Player. It contains the MPEG-3 codec, as well as a bundle of other nifty capabilities. You can get the new version by clicking on this link:

Get NetShow"

DC/Marvel Comics (working on it)

All of these are DC and Marvel cartoons

Super Friends (working on it)

Spider-Man (working on it)

Wonder Woman (working on it)

Silverhawks (working on it) dunno if its DC...