This section is to give credit to those who deserve it...

Any links on my page should be valued as other sites that I have looked at for alternative opinions and sources... Each is someone who has taken their time to work on yet another form of diversion on the Internet, they deserve credit;

SoundAmerica and their very extensive archives contributed by a large amount, especially Ed Jones and his individual efforts;

The Cartoons of the Eighties Web Ring and their generosity which allowed me in their ranks;

And last, but not least, certain individuals who took special consideration and time to contribute to my compilations - Especially my older sister (BabyziIIa@aol.com), assorted members of the AOL Tolkien chat room (for their opinions and suggestions), and TREE! (because Gummi Bears will always be best!).

Hopefully this list will be able to grow as further additions to my webpage come about.